May, 2016 Meeting

Gordon Wright, Executive V.P. and Director, The Harid Conservatory, was the first Speaker and represented the Community Spotlight presentation.

Mr. Wright has been with the Harid Conservatory since 1992. The Conservatory is a World renowned professional training center for dance, specializing in Ballet. Harid graduates are members of more than eighty (80) international professional dance troops. Students from throughout the Country and the World who meet rigorous qualifications, reside on Campus. Tuition is free. Students attend high school classes in the morning and train in dance throughout the afternoon and early evening. The Conservatory is supported by donations and an endowment from Fred Lieberman, Founder.

Upcoming on May 27, 28, and 29 will be their Spring Performance showcasing Harid’s 2016 graduating class. A Winter Performance will also be held December 12 and 13. For tickets and other information visit

Architect Peter Stromberg and Attorney Bonnie Miskel were the second Speakers representing the Feature presentation.

Mizner 200 is a proposed development replacing the 246 town house units of Mizner on the Green. Due to time constraints at the April 5 Meeting, representatives of Mizner 200 were invited to return to continue their presentation.

As part of an ongoing design process and in response to comments made by members of the Community, some proposed design changes were presented. The original design concepts of relatively large building setbacks from the property lines, enhanced open space, and through visibility units were retained. Proposed plan modifications now provide two through sight lines eastward by changing the Project layout to give the appearance of three separate structures overlooking a central entry courtyard. The towers are terraced overlooking the central entry courtyard in addition to other terracing that existed throughout the Project. Project square footage was somewhat reduced. The contiguous low-rise pedestal remains. Also, because of market demand, the final number of units may well decrease as the result of combining units to increase floor area.

The floor was opened for questions from member HOAs and Residents. Questions about public sidewalk widths, bike rider pathways, open space (public & private), retail inclusion, traffic & traffic analysis, Police & Fire input, guest parking, Project economics, sun exposures, crosswalk to Royal Palm shopping, “Leed”/green aspects, community outreach, and Developer community contributions were addressed to Mr. Stromberg & Ms. Miskel and answered. 


No meeting in July, next one is August 1st.

There are Board vacancies on The Boca Raton Airport Authority and The Marine Advisory Board. Speak with Lenore Wachtel after the Meeting or Kathy Maxwell with the City (561-393-7743).