What Types of Businesses Can Be Operated in a Boca Raton Homeowners Association?

Are you thinking of setting up a business in a Boca Raton homeowners association? If so, it's essential to be aware of the restrictions that may be in place. According to Chapter 8 of the local business taxes and business regulations, no license or permit will be issued for the use of any premises or operation of any business. This means that if you want to establish a home-based business that alters the existing features, you must take action. The same applies to any type of business that disturbs the peace or prevents other owners from enjoying their residence peacefully.

This usually includes companies that handle deliveries, have employees, or welcome customers to the property. Homeowners associations are voluntary organizations of homeowners who come together to protect the value of their properties and improve the neighborhood. To gain the knowledge needed to effectively manage associations, professionals may choose to obtain the Certified Association Executive designation. Most homeowners associations are not-for-profit organizations and are subject to state laws governing non-profit corporations and homeowners associations.

The developer is usually responsible for the community until ownership is transferred from the association to the owners after the sale. Members of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) include members of the association's board of directors and other volunteer homeowner leaders, community managers, association management firms, and other professionals who offer products and services to associations, such as lawyers, accountants and reservation specialists.

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